Nashville is full of things to do and see - but let's talk about all the things to do with LITTLES! Things have to really be worth the time and effort for me these days - y'all try loading and unloading 3 kids with all their stuff and attitudes around the city - anyone feel me?! Today I'm writing about activities and places our family enjoys doing and visiting in Nashville as a family of 5 with 3 under 3! Until next week, cheers friends!

1.Visit the Animals at the Nashville Zoo

We LOVEEEE the zoo and our girls do too! AB Grace could ride the carousel for hours on end - we splurged on our membership and upgraded to unlimited rides! I love the multiple areas for hands on with animals - you can pet goats and kangaroos to just name a few. You must check out all the zoo events too - especially Boo at Zoo - costumes and trick or treating with zebras near by, oh my!


This is perfect timing as the Williamson County Fair is in town this week through Saturday! From the big swings to the funnel cakes, fun is had by all! Do we get sucked into playing the knock off games to win the biggest stuffed animal? ABSOLUTELY - we are THOSE parents!

3.Explore cheekwood botanical gardens

I was immediately hooked at pumpkin house and Octoberfest beers in the fall! This place is beautiful year round - Cheekwood makes you feel like you're on a little vacay without having to pack an overnight bag. Cheekwood also offers a program just for kids called "TOTS!" on Tuesday - Saturday from 10a-12p. You must take your littles for story time, as well as art and gardening activities. You will not be disappointed with all the fun to be had and so much beauty to take in. My bucket list includes touring the gardens at Christmas to see their seasonal light show!

4.Hike a Nearby Park

And by hike I mean walking - nothing too crazy! A few of my favorite parks visit in Nashville include Radnor Lake State Park and Edwin Warner Park. Bowie Nature Park in Fairview is a local favorite for us - worth the drive!

5.FInd the Best Donuts in TOwn

Are you a foodie and needing to escape the house for a bit? You can book a tour and walk around the city on a guided donut tour - or you can make your own list and snag some donuts at a few places for the car ride home. My two favorites are tied between Parlor Donuts and 5 Daughters Donuts! I apologize in advance for the sugar high - make sure you have wet wipes for sticky fingers.