this past sunday we celebrated our biggest little in a SWEET way!

Over the last 6 months I've been talking about AB's birthday party plans. It would be her first party since moving into a neighborhood full of kids and going to school with friends. I wanted her to feel loved and celebrated - you know, have the BEST PARTY ever. I had plans of a Malibu Barbie themed water party (everything pink and glitzy...) and when we asked her what she wanted, she didn't care about the details, she only wanted to see her friends and have a popsicle with them. I was humbled (and relieved) she wanted a big play date! She loves Pelican's Snocone's and when we found out they had a truck for catering - BOOM! SOLD! Let's do it!

The radar didn't look great for the time of her party - yet we stayed hopeful it would pass. We put up a small bounce house, had a neighbor do a balloon arch, set out some chalk and threw down towels in the yard. The clouds came when the snocone truck arrived, my heart sank but we stayed positive and rolled with whatever the weather wanted to do. No joke, the rain cloud went right around our house - almost like a wink of a birthday gift. Her friends came, wished her a happy birthday, bounced and laughed and shared snocones. It was incredible! She had the very best time and loved rainbow snocones - I mean, my personal new fave is watermelon lemonade!

The storm blew through when we finished picking up from the party. As we were laying her down to sleep later that evening a double rainbow appeared over the backyard. We ran outside to see! We danced and twirled and thanked God for his many blessings that day and every day.

I am beyond thankful for the friends who came to celebrate our girlie, even during a severe thunderstorm warning! I managed to snap as many photos as I could before I put my camera down to soak in the moments with AB and our friends. Scroll to see more from her sweet 4th birthday party. Also, PSA, white vinegar removes snocone syrup stains!

Until next week, cheers friends!