Anytime I announce mini sessions I receive a handful of messages all anchored around the same thing..."is a mini session a good fit for my family?" or "would a mini session work in place of a full session for xxx milestone?" 9 times of 10 my response is YES - book the mini! The only time I encourage clients to book full sessions is when they are wanting a newborn session, extended family session, an in-home session, multiple outfits and so forth.

Let's start with,

why book a mini session?

First, they are short and sweet and offered at a discounted rate!

Many of times these can be styled sessions (think motherhood minis) or specifically curated to capture your kiddos personalities (think littles minis!)

Now - what do you need to know before booking your next mini with me?

I've learned a lot and seen a bunch of things in my years of hosting minis and rounded my top 5 "need to knows" when booking your next mini session.

1 | Discounted Rates

Mini sessions are budget friendly as they are significantly cheaper than full session rates. They are a wonderful choice if you are wanting to capture your family annually or few times a year. Outfit styling, venue rentals, prep guides and print releases are included in price!

2 | Photographer Chooses Location

You come to me! I pick the location to host the mini sessions and you show up! Many times at peak foliage seasons (spring & fall) the EXACT location can be announced in 48 hours prior to the event because we are wanting the very best backdrop for your session. I'll always provide a general area so you can plan around nap/bedtimes. Note: I encourage you to map out your drive prior to the day of your session so you aren't stressing on your drive over!

3 | Stacked Sessions

Normally, my minis are stacked back to back to ensure I can provide as many opportunities as possible for interested families during the allotted time - this means, no breaks or buffers between sessions. When I can, I bring assistants on site with me to help check-in clients before hand. I cannot express enough how important it is to be on time to ensure we utilize all of the time we have together!

4 | Length of Time

Mini session time length varies depending on the type of session you book - they can last 5 minutes or be as long as 30 minutes. Styled sessions tend to be shorter in length, while seasonal outdoor sessions are longer (I provide classic and deluxe options in spring and summer!) I cannot express how important it is to arrive EARLY - not on time EARLY! Your session will promptly begin and end at the time you have scheduled. If you are 7 minutes late to a 10 minute session - I will do everything I can to capture a beautiful gallery in the 3 minutes we have together.

5 | Image Count

Another question I receive regularly about minis "how many images do I get?" Well it depends on the session you book! If it states "option to purchase more" then you'll have the opportunity to select the images you want to download and if you want them all, you pay a bit more. If it states "all the best," I don't limit the images you receive and you can download everything in your gallery!

Did I forget to mention minis are great for people who don't love taking pics? YEP! They are fun and quick so I promise I won't keep you too long!

I have had so much fun this year at minis! We've hosted so many new types of minis and we are JUST getting started! Can't wait for the fall minis in October and holiday minis in November!

Be on the lookout for all the fun we've got planned coming soon!

Until next week, cheers friends!