something new is arriving around here... & it's about time!

In preparation for seasonal minis, I have reflected on ways to better serve my clients and their families. Sometimes littles take a little longer to open up at sessions or maybe we get into a creative surge and then run out of time. Whatever the reason - I'll be offering limited spots for an extended option this year at seasonal minis - DELUXE minis!

classic mini sessions

15 minutes | all the best images | print release

Classic minis (same thing as what I have always offered) will be the standard option and the majority of time slots available.


deluxe mini sessions

30 minutes | all the best images | print release

Deluxe minis are a *NEW* offering and extended mini sessions to allow for more creative sessions and are also great for larger families with multiple littles! Very limited spots will be available and only at specific seasonal mini sessions.

what to know..

Not every styled mini session will be offered for classic or deluxe options - you'll be able to find these two offering during peak seasons! These will only be available when I am hosting mini sessions, meaning I will pick the date, time and locations for when and where offered. All seasonal minis will be announced on instagram, so be sure you're following along to get first dibs on when spring minis release! So which one are you picking - classic or deluxe? Until next week, cheers friend!