when I talk to clients who are interested in minis, I always hear a common theme of why they love the idea of them... they're short and sweet!

yes and we love them for this reason, but also keep in mind the short time frame plays a major role in why it's so very important to prep your family so we can dive straight into our session together!

so whether you're new to minis or have been booking them for years, below I've shared some easy prep plans for your upcoming family mini session!

a few days before your session

  • confirm your outfits | make sure everything fits and is clean!
  • plan your drive | confirm you have the address and know your route to get there.
  • talk to your kids | tell them you're going to explore a new place in a few days and you've invited a friend (aka me!) to tag along and take some pictures!
  • run any last minute appointments | don't forget about hair, make-up, nails!
  • pay remaining balance | if you have an outstanding balance, take care of this now so you're not worried about it the day of!
  • pack a bag | diapers, snacks, outdoor blanket, bubbles, toys, hair brush, and bribe treats - throw all of this into a bag and put in a place where you won't forget to grab it!

the day of your session

  • feed your kids before your session | are you you're best when you're hungry? nope, me neither. please don't load them full of sugar because they will crash - but a meal or filling snack will hold them over for a bit.
  • change outfits when you get there | keep your clothes clean and fresh until your session! kids are kids and messes can happen. not into wrinkly clothes? car rides and seatbelts won't help - change when you get there!
  • arrive 5-10 minutes early | I always plan my trip by arrival time in the maps app. plan accordingly - especially for diaper and outfit changes so you'll be there and ready to go when your it's time for your session!
  • let go of all your expectations | this part can be hard... I totally understand! focus on playing with your kids and loving on your favorite humans - then leave the rest to me!