so you've scheduled your session - AWESOME! now to the hardest thing ever, outfits... yippee?!

coordinating outfits and developing a color palette is THE hardest thing when planning for your upcoming session. let me tell you, I totally get it AND I'm here to help you! when creating your palette, plan to have 4-5 colors with 2 of those being neutral tones and then accent colors for the rest.

first, consider where your photos will be taken. are they indoor or outdoor?

second, what colors look best on you or your family?

with answering these two questions, you may have 2-3 colors in mind already for your outfit color palette. then add in your accent colors. accent colors can pull from a variety of places - an accessory, the greenery at your location, a statement wall in your home, etc. factor these accents into your palette when you're planning outfits to get a feel for how you want your gallery to look. once you've picked your colors, head to style and select to start planning your outfits!

ready to see this all come together?! scroll for a few color palette examples for indoor and outdoor session. let me know which one is your favorite of if you need help developing yours!

until next week, cheers friends!