oh mah GAHHHHHHH. whew, get ready!

spring minis these year were nothing short of absolute amazing - the families, the location, the weather - it was truly incredible! we visited one of my favorite family owned farms in Franklin, TN and spent a few hours in their gorgeous fields. it was my first time ever seeing and photographing red clover, let me tell you we will be doing this ever year from here on out! also, I took a different approach to outdoor minis on this round and goodness it paid off! remember a few weeks/months ago when I mentioned offering deluxe minis (30 minutes) and classic minis (15 minutes)? welp - these spring minis were my tester and let's just say we will be offering these FOREVER!

let's cut to the chase of why you're really here - the gallery previews - keep scrolling and get ready for endless smiles!

until next week, cheers friends!