if you've been with me for a bit, you probably remember the motherhood minis I did last year. I loveeeeeee motherhood sessions and truly can't wait to host this year's motherhood minis in the coming weeks! if you've booked a mini or thinking of booking a full motherhood session, this blog will tell you all you need to know about how to plan and what to expect at your motherhood session.

first things first, this session is about your motherhood. whether you're waiting on your little one or chasing 4 of them around - I am here to celebrate you and your motherhood. these sweet, simple sessions allow you a moment to capture your bump or maybe the magic of feeding, the details of their hand in yours or the way you braid their hair. simply, I want you to be in the frame with your babies, who you are right now, loving on them.

a few things to keep in mind for these sessions:

  • galleries are delivered in B&W - don't stress about the colors and patterns of your clothes coordinating
  • wear something comfortable and true to your style
  • be ready to play with your kids - we're talking piggy back rides, the airplane game, rolling around on the floor, etc

keep reading on what to wear and what to bring...

what to wear

the most asked question ever and normally I would have a whole thing about color palettes and patterns, but for these we don't need it! you can go as comfy or as formal as you prefer. I encourage wearing clothes you're comfortable in, ones that make you feel good and true to yourself. living in lounge sets, LOVE IT! dying for a body con dress moment? LOVE IT. high waisted jeans, chunky sweaters, overalls - all the things are welcome - I encourage you try on your outfit and practice sitting on the floor, get up and down and move around to make sure you are comfy! also, no shoes in these sessions, so don't worry about those details! need some help? check out the inspo board I've created below, along with a few other links to shop!

  1. inspo board
  2. lounge set
  3. body con dress
  4. overalls
  5. fp dupe dress
  6. oversized pullover

what to bring

pack some snacks that aren't crazy messy or leave stains. think - cheerios, veggie straws, goldfish - something you like too :) if there is something really special for you and your babe(s) you want to capture, pack it! like, their favorite coloring book, storybook you read together, barbies or action figures, bring 'em!

how to prep

prepping your littles | some kiddos get nervous at sessions so it's important to talk about your session as an adventure together than a photography session. if they are nervous around new people, tell them about me - my name, that I have 3 little girls and 2 dogs. that I like m&ms and the color pink. that I take pictures and so excited to meet you! talk about how you're going to make silly faces together and have a laughing contest.

prepping yourself | plan for any appointments you need: skin, nails, hair! I'll be capturing details of your hands - so be sure they are photo ready to your liking. in a pinch? pick up a pack of impress nails - they are my go to when I don't have time for the salon! plan an extra 15 minutes for traffic and parking - in this situation, on time is late.