after a year of praying and planning, then finally doing the damn thing... I am so excited to host motherhood mini sessions!

I've had these sessions on my heart for what seems like forever and I kept getting in my own way. at first, I wanted to host something over the top full of this and that and whatever, then during nap time one day it hit me. I didn't need over the top. I didn't need to host something so extravagant or out of this world to celebrate motherhood. motherhood can be over the top - in good ways and challenges, but simple moments are the ones we live for. the way she grips your finger when your twirl her, the way he runs into your arms for a hug, the way they fit perfectly in your lap during story time, how you have to sneak a smoochy kiss on the cheek, the way they smile when you say "I love you..."

my motherhood mini sessions are all about celebrating your motherhood, mama! whether you're waiting on your little one or chasing them around - I am here to celebrate you and your motherhood. these sweet, simple ten minute sessions allow you a moment to capture your bump or maybe the magic of feeding, for you to take five and stroke your toddler’s hair, play silly games, dance, just be with your babies. 

next weekend we are kicking off these sessions and goodness I am giddy to host these! I've selected a beautiful neutral tone backdrop that will be set up specifically for these sessions. clients are highly encouraged to wear white tones and keep outfits relaxed. for mamas: flowy linen sundress, white t-shirt with paired with ripped jeans or o a waffle knit cardigan over a white tank top tucked into your fave high waisted jeans. for babes: white linen romper, white diaper cover, white t-shirt paired with jean overalls, jean dress or khaki seersucker with a simple tee.

it's to simplify everything around my subjects. to focus on their details and deliver a gallery full of timeless images capturing their emotions and moments captured forever. take a peek into haylie's motherhood session below and you'll see what I'm talking about. these are going to be incredible and I truly hope to see you there!

until next week, cheers friends!