Recently, I had someone ask me "what's the rage on maternity sessions?" And honestly, I paused in my response - which if you know me, isn't the typical as I always have something to say.

To me, maternity sessions are more than a rage or a fad. It is an intimate session with a family preparing to welcome the most beautiful miracle this world offers. When husband and wife grow from a family of two to a family of three (or four - twin parents, say hey!) and become dad and mom. Being able to capture a mother in her final weeks before baby is here, her becoming "mama."

So dear Mamas: This is the stage you don't want to forget - there is so much excitement, anticipation and preparation! There are so many (sometimes unexplained) changes happening to your body and they are so important because they bring you to meet the most precious miracle of life, your baby! You're creating an initial bond with your babe and it's so important to capture these feelings and connections. Feeling baby move through belly kicks is something I will forever cherish. Your pregnancy is a special journey to motherhood - it will be different than anyone else's because it is YOURS. And whether this is your first or third pregnancy, each is just as special and just as life changing and indescribable in making you the mother you are meant to be. Your maternity session is about YOU becoming mama. So take this time for you, girl. Whether you want a maternity in the middle of a field in the most beautiful tulle gown or maybe at home cuddled up on the couch in a t-shirt - capture this season in what is true to you and what makes you feel best - I promise you won't regret it!

When Jocelyn reached out to me to capture her maternity session, I was all "HELL YES, GIRL!" She wanted something simple, yet elevated in style, so together we planned to do their session at Blanc Studio West in Nashville. They are welcoming their baby boy soon (yay baby month is here!) I mean talk about glowing - how stunning is she?!

If you're interested in capturing this sweet season of life, I'd be honored to photograph your maternity session. Send me a note and we can plan something especially for you!  

Cheers, friends!