When someone says spring photo session - my mind retreats back to 1996. I'm sporting a bowl cut and cry baby face in a blue dress with an embroidered peter pan collar, white tights and white patent leather shoes. I know my mother was thrilled at these kodak easter family moments captured forever - love you, mom! All of this to say, I'm hella excited to offer - for the first time ever - spring mini sessions! And just in time, I can announce I'm a proud member of the Style & Select fam!

Outfit coordination made easy

I'm so excited to offer Style & Select for my clients to use in preparation of their family photo sessions! Style & Select is a digital and interactive styling tool to help you find and coordinate clothing options that reflect your family's style and personality. Whether you are going for a classic/traditional look or maybe something more boho/trendy, this tool will help show you how to coordinate patterns and colors for every member of your family in 3 simple steps - complete the questionnaire, view your results, select outfits & accessories.

So then what...Style & Select results can be utilized as a visual tool to help you pull basics from your own closet, used as a guide when shopping locally or you can purchase a few key pieces directly from your result email!


-Don’t be afraid to mix dressy with casual!

-Just because it's spring doesn't mean you have to wear pastels!

-Consider where you'll be displaying these photos in your home. Is your home decorated in earth tone or more bright and airy?

-Don’t forget about the shoes! Shoes can stick out like a sore thumb. Staying away from tennis shoes, shoes with bright neon colors, or other sandals that don’t match the outfit, will keep the focus on the important part….the people in the photos.

Sometimes navigating outfit coordination and planning of family sessions can be the most dreadful which is why I am so excited to offer this experience for my clients! If you have an upcoming session with me, be sure to take advantage of your Style and Select access - I can't wait to see the threads you pick! Cheers, friends!