Hey 2023 - it's good to see you!

WHOA! 2022 was one for the books - in every way imaginable - and I am so giddy for all of the amazing things to come in 2023. Things are changing over here and today I'm giving you a *little* insight on what's in store in my corner of the world to better serve YOU! Seriously, I am SO PUMPED and hope you are too!

1. Littles

Although this is something that blossomed in 2022, the VERY FIRST Littles day is taking place in a few weeks (ultimate prep guide blog on this coming soon!) I love how excited y'all are for these and plan to offer these throughout the year!

2. Album Design Service

Wondering what you can do with ALLLL those sweet images from your newborn gallery? Or maybe the session we did with your parents and your kids? A dreamy heirloom album would be the perfect fit! This year, R&R will offer design services to help you create heirloom albums that can be enjoyed by so many for years to come.

3. Milestone Minis

I love capturing milestones during baby's first year and many of you love these too, especially at the studio! So... I'm changing it up this year and hosting milestone minis at the studio! Whether you're focused on age milestones (3 months, 6 months, etc) or developmental milestones (sitting unassisted, crawling, standing, etc), I'll be ready for you and your babe!

4. Studio Newborn Sessions

Y'all know how much I love in-home newborn sessions and I also know how much stress and prepping comes along with in-home sessions. So whether you're not down with having people over, your current decor or prepping your space for pics - let's go to the studio! The studio is a blank canvas for your session, it's ready to go with hot coffee and chilled La Criox - we show up, have the sweetest time snuggling babe and then we leave - easy peasy, CFA lemonade squeezy!

5. Other Fun Happenings

Let's get you some updated headshots! Who's down for some pop up theme minis (V-Day, anyone?!) And then there's these sessions I'll host to get you out for a date night! There's a few other things up my sleeve and I'm not going to give all the surprises away just yet - so you'll have to follow along to see what's in store!

All in all - I KNOW this year is going to be amazing - for YOU and for me!

May there be more laughter, more love, more baby snuggles, more toothless grins, more cake smashes, more sparkle, more hand holding, more champagne pops, more twirling and many many more hugs.

Cheers to you, friend! Thank you for being here and I hope to see you oh so soon!