If you ever find yourself wondering, should we include our pup(s) in our session.... let me be the first to say "YES PLEASE DO!" Including your fur babe isn't as simple as bringing them, then saying sit and stay - so today I'm sharing my most helpful tips if you're planning on letting your favorite pup(s) tag along at your next session!

Before you read on....go ahead and make a note right now to bring the must haves: leash, treats, & poop bags!

Before your session

Schedule a Grooming Appointment

Of course you want your pup to look and feel their best, so if your dog is needing a bath or trim, be sure to schedule their appointment a few days before their session. Another great idea to freshen up their look is a new collar or bandana. My favorite dog collars are from Puddle Jumper Pups.

Tire Them Out

Depending on your pup's age, their energy level and attention span need to be considered! I highly encourage taking them on a long walk before your session. Make sure they are spent as much as possible to help them be as calm and cooperative as possible.

At your Session

Plan Their Appearance

I know you'll want photos with and without your pups(s), so plan to include your them in a portion of your session - either the beginning or the end. Be sure to let me know so I can plan accordingly.

Bring a Helper

I strongly encourage bringing someone with you to help with your pup! They will help with BTS of water and treats or being able to take your dog on a short walk if they get too rowdy. Your helper can be there to assist in helping your dog sit/stay and getting those ears perked up for pictures! Also, having a helper let's you focus on your loved ones during the session rather than wrangling your dogs!


Remember to open and flexible. Don't try to get your heart set on specific ideas when taking photos with your pup. As we all know, they can be unpredictable at times and may not want to follow the rules when it comes to posing and sitting still. Don't be too uptight, try to relax! If you're stressed, your pup will be able to sense that and react off of your feelings - as much as possible act natural and go with the flow! Focus on loving on your pup and your loved ones - I promise you'll be surprised at how sweet their images turn out!

Until next week, cheers friends!