Today's blog post had me giddy all over! Erica and I chatted for weeks about her maternity session and when the day came, it was more than amazing!

Location: gorgeous. Weather: warm with a breeze. Erica: STUNNING.

This precious family of 3 didn't need coaching or prompts - just a Disney hits playlist and magic happened! I said "OH EM GEE" and "YAS HONEY" and "SO CUTE" probably one thousand times throughout Erica's maternity session - take a look for yourself, I bet you will too! I am beyond honored the Abdo family asked me to capture this season as a family of 3 before baby brother arrives. Whether you're celebrating a milestone or scheduled your yearly family pics - don't be afraid to twirl, grab your loved ones close to sing "You're Welcome" at the top of your lungs, kick off your shoes to go barefoot for a few pics, or take a moment to be still for a group hug... I'll be there to capture it all. Until next week, cheers friends!