At the time of inquiry, one of the first things I ask is - what are you envisioning for your session - getting cuddly in tall grass, flawless white backgrounds, a flowy dress standing in a thick forest of green? Location is everything and helps shape your vision for your session. I want you to LOVE your location and be excited for your venue because that translates to your photographs - if you don't love where you're at or the feelings it brings, will you love your photos? As your photographer, I'll help you find a location you'll love and I'll need some help from you on what makes your heart skip a beat - open fields, tall grass, architecture, water, willows, studio, forest? Personally, I'm always a sucker for wide open fields and big skies..

This summer has been FILLED with gorgeous sessions at beautiful locations with amazing families! And TODAY I'm sharing a little bit about three of my favorite outdoor locations I've frequented recently - I'll let you guess my top personal fave :) I have plenty more hidden gems all over Nashville, so be sure to communicate what you're looking for and I'll take ya where you need to go - cheers, friends!


I found this gem a few years ago on a drive looking for wildflowers. Although it didn't have wildflower bunches - it's beauty of tall thistles and luscious fields sent my heart into overdrive! It's not too far from downtown Leiper's Fork - so you can check out the local whiskey distillery or stop in at Fox & Locke for some comfort food after your session!

belle meade historic

Magnolia's and green gardens your thing? Yeah, me too! I cannot get enough of this place! Belle Meade Historic Site is in the heart of Nashville and features the preserved mansion, carriage house and stables. History your thing, plan a tour! Wine your thing, visit the winery on site! Like food, visit their onsite meat and three for lunch - the cookie skillet is my jam!

edwin park

Year round this park is a goodie! Located on the west side of Nashville, it's easily accessible from almost any part of town. Spanning over 3,100 acres - there are PLENTY of places to use as your session's location. Hiking your thing - head to the trail center and hit the path! Need a doggie play date - there's a dog park here with lots of friendly pals to play fetch with! Want to shop afterward - head over to Magpie's children boutique!