Being pregnant means you'll be bombarded with opinions, advice and gifts you didn't ask for. Every mom has their "must haves" that were lifesavers during the newborn phase... and today I'm here to share mine! These 6 items were (and some still are) tried and true for all 3 of our girls. You'll notice a theme I'm sure as 4 of these are related to the sleep routine we had for them. Andddd if you're a mama you already know about baby sleep... (give taking cara babies a follow on IG. Her guide SAVED us with getting the twins on a sleeping schedule!)

Below I've added links for every item, shared a little bit why I personally couldn't live without it and then noted if they are included in Prime Day savings (yay!) Y'all keep me posted if these blogs are helpful and what you want to see on the blog next! Until then, cheers friends :)

  1. Hatch Sound Machine - We have two of these sound machines. I love the design and how you can control from your phone. You can customize with soothing tones and colors to fit your babe's need. The volume and brightness are completely adjustable too! You can score $10 off during prime day too!
  2. Doc A Tot - The first time we were ever able to get AB to stretch to a full night sleep (like going from 5 hours to 10 hours) was because of this glorious thing paired with the swaddle I've shared below. Need I say more...? Oh yes, I do recommend grabbing an additional cover. I bought an off brand cover to save $60 bucks. Run! Amazon has this bad boy 20% today when you use the item coupon!
  3. Love to Dream Sleep Sack - Our girls didn't love to be swaddled with their hands down and their tremor reflexes woke them up all the time. This swaddle allowed them to feel snug as a bug and still have their hands near their face. They make larger sizes and even have a version to help wean sleeping with their arms free. This isn't on sale, but you can use a 20% coupon at Buy Buy Baby!
  4. Fisher Price Baby Swing - It's huge, it's clunky, it takes up space... but it brought a strong nap time game! I mean all of our girls would beg (aka scream) for this swing. I'm talking lights out within two minutes after it started swinging! You know it... this swing is nearly 30% off during prime day today!
  5. Baby Bath Shower Head - This makes bath time easy and fun! It's still in our bath time routine to wash out all the shampoo! RUN!! It's marked down to $20 today during prime day!
  6. Baby Breeza - When we transitioned the twins to formula we knew we had to have two of these. Bottles are ready within seconds - talk about Godsend during late night feeds! Some complain about cleaning it - obviously they haven't had to wash breast pump parts. It's a breeze to use and make feeding time a breeze too! Score this beauty for less than $200 during prime day today!