There is something really special about capturing families in their home. Being welcomed into your home - your safe haven - and photographing your family is a privilege I do not take for granted. I also know first hand how nerve-wracking and stressful it can be as a client inviting a photographer to your home to capture your families' 4 walls of chaos. Wanting to make sure your home is "picture perfect" and feeling the need to apologize for the mess and clutter of littles being littles. Let me be the first to tell you, don't apologize and I will work around the mess - pinky promise. Below I'm sharing a couple of helpful tips and tricks to prep your home for your next indoor photo session!

Planning Your Session
  • Consider the time of day you schedule your in-home session for. Typically 9a-2p provides the best option of daylight and usually family members are most happiest during these times!
  • In home sessions do not have to include your entire home! I highly suggest picking a few spaces (ones with the most natural light) you are wanting photos in and we go from there! And these spaces don’t have to all be inside — we can do pictures in the front/backyard, porch, etc… truly wherever you’d like on your home’s property, inside or out.

The Day Before
  • Hide the clutter you don't want in your photos, but don't lose any sleep over trying to have a spotless home.
  • Make a list of any sentimental items you want to include in your session and if possible, set them aside nearby in a place you won't forget about them.
  • Pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers - they are perfect additions to help pull a space together in photos.

On the day of
  • Before your session starts, turn off the overhead lights, open up the blinds and curtains to let the natural light pour into your home!
  • Turn on your favorite playlist (or your kids) in the house. It helps everyone relax and creates opportunities for you to dance with your kiddos which creates super sweet images.
  • Light a candle or diffuse some aromatherapy - whatever helps you relax and create a calming space for your family!

I promise prepping for your in-home session can be and will be stress free. Don't overthink cleaning or feel like you have to scrub baseboards. I promise I am not there to check the dust on your picture frames...I'll be over the moon to see you have family pictures in frames! Again, I am so honored to be invited to your home to capture your family in the place where you raise your littles, pray over meals together and watched your babe take their first steps. Your home is a special place and should be cherished for the memories you create there - at least once, schedule an in-home session... you won't regret it! Cheers friends!