oh my goodness - it's here - my very first fresh 48 blog post day!

I have been so giddy to post this session because it is, with a doubt, a session I will NEVER forget - for so many reasons! first, visiting the unit where I became a mother and then being back as a visitor to photograph a new mother, brought a flood of emotions I will never shake. second, this is something I have always wanted to do and YAY - it was amazing!!! and third, this family means so much to me - they trusted me to photograph their maternity session and willing invited me in during a vulnerable time to allow me a chance to do something I have never ever done.

when I arrived to their hospital room, they welcomed me in with open arms to meet their most precious gift, Garrett - he had the most gorgeous blonde hair covering his head! we chatted about ALL the things, captured details of baby garrett and then soaked in the moments of their new family of three. my favorite images from their gallery... well, I'll let you take a guess :)

thank you so much, Ashley and Levi, for entrusting me to capture these precious, precious moments. it was such a joy and honor for me - truly, something I will never forget!

until next week, cheers friends!