Keeping it short and sweet on today's blog!

With busy season in full swing and fall minis this Sunday - no better time to share a few tips to simply elevate your photos!

Until next week, cheers friends :)

Week of your session:
  1. No logos! When you're planning your outfits, if and when you can, try not to wear branded clothing with logos. Not only do brands go in and out of style, logos draw your attention to them which takes away from your image.
  2. Manicure! What's more awkward...chipped polish or hiding chipped polish? I am 1000% supportive of you taking some time to treat yourself for a fresh mani (and pedi!) Don't have time and in a pinch? Either remove all of the polish or grab a pack of press on nails (don't knock 'em til you try 'em!)
  3. Skip the electronic watch! Fitbits, apple watches or anything with an electronic face on your wrist... please don't. Instead, wear analog watch with a simple band or a bracelet stack. Remember, don't bring the focus to your wrist, let accessories be an accessory.
Day of your Session:
  1. Empty your pockets! Phones, keys and wallets - they are all so very important and all create really awkward outlines in clothing. Toss them in your purse or in my bag, then get them out after your session!
  2. Snuggle up & get close! Reduce space and awkward gaps between each other by holding hands or bear hugging all your kiddos and don't forget to rest your faces together. If you look at each other, bring your faces towards each other - be sure not to pull away as this typically creates a double chin and more distance between you.